Wednesday 7 March 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival - TAMF 2012 : Get Your Exclusive Invites!

Tiger Asian Music Festival ~ TAMF 2012

Date : 14 April 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 6:30pm
Location : Sunway Lagoon

Come roar with Asia's hottest music superstars!

Paul Wong & Ka Keung ~ A Yue ~ Manhand ~ A Lin ~ Jam Hsiao ~  LMF ~ Mc Hotdog

Come catch Asia's top stars - representing rock, pop, hip-hop and more - as they come together to deliver explosive performances as well as all-new original collaborations.

Find out how you can get exclusive invites to catch Beyond & other Asia's hottest superstars at the Asian Music Festival 2012!


Formed in 1983, legendary rock band Beyond is the most successful and influential group to ever come out of Hong Kong, with both Chinese and non-Chinese fans across Asia.

Rock singer Chang Chen-Yue first became popular thanks to his 1998 hit song 'Ai Wo Bie Zou'.

A-Lin has achieved rapid commercial success across the Mandarin-speaking world since her debut in 2006.

Manhand's members (MC Bee, Von, Daeren, MC Toy and DJ Point) all have their own distinct characters.

Jam joined the One Million Star talent contest in 2007, but the show's producers, recognising his enormous talent, instead asked him to appear as a fearsome challenger...

This Taiwanese rapper has drawn controversy because of his frequent use of explicit lyrics. But his fans appreciate his music, which they feel presents a gritty, realistic picture of life.

The members of rap group LMF all grew up in poverty, and this is reflected in their music: an angry, edgy, vehement tirade about economic oppression and social alienation faced by Hong Kong's lower class.

Find out how you can get exclusive invites to catch Beyond & other Asia's hottest superstars at the Asian Music Festival 2012!


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