Friday 25 May 2012

Sandy Lam Concert MMX II 林憶蓮演唱會 Live in Malaysia (28 July 2012)

Sandy Lam Concert MMX II 林憶蓮演唱會 
Live in Malaysia 2012

Date : 28 July 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm
Location : Stadim Negara, KL

Sandy Lam, (Chinese 林憶蓮) also known as Lam Yik Lin, is a Cantopop singer who sings in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese. Lam gained popularity in Taiwan with her debut Mandarin release "愛上一個不回家的人" (Home Again Without You) in 1991. In 1995, she teamed up with Jonathan Lee, Taiwanese music producer, and released her 4th Mandarin album Love, Sandy featuring a hit single "傷痕" (Scars), which became one of the all time best selling Chinese language albums. Since then Sandy has moved beyond the Hong Kong music scene and spent most of her time in Taiwan, China, and Japan. Her 2006 Mandarin language album "Breathe Me" was recorded in Korea, Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong. Lam returned to the music scene with a hit single "至少還有你" (At Least I Still Have You) from her first album with Virgin in 2000. [source]

Ticket Price for Sandy Lam Concert MMX II 林憶蓮演唱會 Live in Malaysia 2012

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Floor Plan for Sandy Lam Concert MMX II 林憶蓮演唱會 Live in Malaysia 2012

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Reviews on Sandy Lam Concert MMX II 林憶蓮演唱會 Live in Malaysia 2012:
  • "Sandy Lam wowed the crowd with classical love ballads and fast tunes at her concert in Kuala Lumpur ... Barely 15 minutes into her show, the Hong Kong pop diva already had fans on their feet..." by The Star eCentral
  • "The concert was SUPERB and I have totally enjoyed it!... All of the audience left the Stadium with a big smile on their face including me!..." by Loong-Updates
  • "I must confess that before this, I didn't know much about her, not being a follower of the Chinese music and artiste scene. But the concert turned out better than I had expected..." by Life As An Ordinary Malaysian

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