Thursday, 4 July 2013

Maybank TreatsFair 2013 - Catalogue, Activity Highlights, Floor Plan, Guaranteed Gifts & TreatsPoint Auction (4 - 7 July)

Maybank TreatsFair 2013

Date: 4 - 7 July 2013 (Thursday - Sunday)
Location: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Admission: FREE, open to public

  • Over 250 retailers
  • EzyPay 0% interest-free instalment
  • On-the-spot points redemption
  • Performances, games & family fun

Maybank TreatsFair 2013 Activity Highlights:
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Maybank TreatsFair 2013 Guaranteed Gifts when you shop: 

Maybank TreatsFair 2013 TreatPoints Auction:

Maybank TreatsFair 2013 Catalogue: 

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